The Business Show 2015 -Worthy or Not of your attention?

The Business Show 2015 took place in Olympia Grand, an exhibition centre established in 1886; quite a venue to stage The Business Show. As you enter the exhibition hall you feel a sense of awe, as you take in its sheer size. Amongst the throng of people there are rows upon rows of eager businesses stands presenting their wares. The busy environment had an atmosphere of expectation with keen business people looking to make the most of their free ticket.

Strolling through the stands and talking to the exhibitors you get a clear sense that people have a specific focus and a sense of purpose. They approach you looking to engage you in banter as they assess your need, hoping that you will be their next deal.

The show boasted 16 seminar rooms along with other presentation zones, where talented experts delivered their opinion on what it takes to make it in business. It must be said, the disciplines covered during the presentations were varied and interesting; presentations from established entrepreneurs, UK Trade and Investment, suppliers to industry including internet companies and printers to mention but a few. The ones I managed to attend were well prepared and insightful; these will be covered under separate posts.

There was also a speed networking area, where you could network with chosen individuals for a period of 10 minutes. Although I didn’t get chance to be involved it looked well attended with like-minded entrepreneurs building their knowledge, network and awareness in business.

Situated in the far right hand corner of the hall was an investment area, the ‘Angels Den’, where dragons den style presentations were taking place. In between the brave entrepreneurs presentations there were insightful and informative tips from those who are in the know; industry experts held the floor, whilst eager individuals listened to the poignant instruction on how to secure capital from those who have. Discussions such as ‘what is really important in your pitch and it is NOT your numbers’ and ‘How do I value my businesses’ were standing room only. From what I witnessed the talks seemed very informative, real, practical and explicit; just how it should be.


All this free of charge, quite surprising when you consider the show in its entirety.

So, was it worth the journey? I’d say so; the show was quite an achievement. It was varied, well organised and well attended. I came away wishing I could have spent more time walking amongst people who aspire to greater personal achievement. My Danish business partner, who I was meeting there to review some numbers, found the event very entertaining and also managed to pick up some handy little tips along the way; to the point where he went back to his business in Germany and implemented the ‘Grow Your Business in 90 minutes’ approach the very next day. I will cover this presentation in another blog over the next few weeks.

So yes, I intend to book both days next year and better plan my visit. Thank you The Business Show and congratulations on an outstanding presentation of British business.

This is only a small sample of what could’ve been seen at ‘The Business Show 2015’; take a look at where you can find out more information on what went on during the 3rd and 4th of December.

Nigel stone has, over the last fifteen years, started, led, consulted and nurtured both UK and European businesses to achieve quite outstanding results.










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