Why Managers must be Leaders?

On Quora.com, a question and answer website, I was asked to contribute an answer to that very question; Why Managers must be Leaders? A good question I thought, so I have included my answer below.

‘In principle, I don’t believe the difference between the role of a manager and a leader is black and white; in that, different job functions/roles require a different percentage split of leadership and management ability.

According to a google search a manager is defined as:
‘A person responsible for controlling or administering an organization or group of staff.’

And a Leader search (which is answered with Leadership) is defined as:
‘The action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this’

I hold the opinion that different team dynamics require different manager skills, knowledge and ability. That said, I do agree that the ability to inspire people to complete tasks is pivotal to effective management.

Without this, managers focus solely on the areas which they are more comfortable – namely, process. Lacking the ability to engage with employees (or people in general) can lead to confusion, dysfunction or worse.

So yes, managers must have the ability to lead, but the level of skill required is commensurate to the role and function needed to fulfil the tasks successfully. The same is true of the opposite; a good Leader must also have the ability to be a good manager.’

A link to the question n Quora.com is below, if you are interested in reading further:


*All comments are based on my personal experiences and given freely. That said, you need to make your own choices. I can’t and won’t accept liability for you employing any recommendations. Business is all about risk. It’s your choice.

Nigel stone has, over the last fifteen years, started, led, consulted and nurtured both UK and European businesses to achieve quite outstanding results.





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