Rotating CEOs Every 6 Months…What a Great Idea(?)

I recently read an article in Management today concerning Huawei’s approach to rotating the CEO every six months; after the initial ‘What!’ moment it struck me…what a brilliant idea!

The article does caveat this approach by stating that Ren Zhengfei is also the CEO (that means there are actually two of them at any one time) with Veto powers, which in essence downgrades the CEO to COO level. That said, I suppose Ren Zhengfei could be more of a mentor guiding and supporting the CEO holding office during their time at the helm, rather than the decision maker (?). A great learning and preparation process in itself for the future leaders.

In my mind, whichever way you look at it, this is a great way to manage an organisation and aid its longevity. Just think about it, we all have strengths, some of us are great in a crisis, but not good on day-to-day matters, some are great at sales whilst others are better at operational etc. Just think about the ability of selecting your next chief based on the next six/twelve months business need. Makes sense to me; and it has the added benefit that you are preparing the CEO’s of the future…Listen up world, Huawei has something to say!

I am following this approach with great interest…

The Management today article can be found at:


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