Stirring Stuff…This is more Like it!

Snippet taken from ‘Brexit’s bad news, but not the end for UK plc’ by Matthew Gwyther of Management Today…

Well worth a read…[Link Below]

P.S. Point 6 is on the money, but Love point 7 🙂

Point 1 – 5) See Link Below…

6) We’ve still got a lot going for us

We remain, for the time being, the fifth largest economy on the planet. It’s now our job to try our utmost, in the face of adversity, to keep it that way. Our financial services sector accounts for 8% of total UK economic activity and employs 1.1 million people – around 3.6% of the total UK workforce, generating income, investment and exports.

You can argue that this result could be taken as a massive opportunity for the City to work with regulators, investors and clients in order to shape a new rulebook fit for the new climate. The automotive industry is a vital part of the UK economy accounting for more than £69.5 billion turnover and £15.5 billion value added.

With some 160,000 people employed directly in manufacturing and in excess of 799,000 across the wider automotive industry, it accounts for 11.8% of total UK export of goods and invests£2.4 billion each year in automotive R&D. More than 30 global manufacturers build in excess of 70 models of vehicle in the UK, supported by around 2,500 component providers and some of the world’s most skilled engineers.

7) In every dark cloud…

Could it, please god, be the end of the Eurovision Song Contest?

Link to Article.

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